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Supporting: A Rant

So first things first: Supporting isn’t a/the bitch role and it isn’t easy.

I can see why people would say it is, or why people think it is, but it really isn’t. Supporting actually takes a lot of skill and patience and isn’t as simple as people make it out to be. There’s a couple reasons why I say this.

1. You abstain from farming minions and salvage all the gold you can to buy items that help/benefit your team. Yes, there are gold items that you can get and runes that help you get more gold quicker and masteries to do it, but it isn’t in the same as farmining minions/creeps. Items, and wards!There are sightstones now, but still, having more than the 2/3 wards that are allotted by the sightstones are always benefits.

2. You have to pay attention to your ADC/Team. As a healer support in lane, you have to pay attention not only to yourself, but as well as the ADC, the ward timers that are distributed about the map, and any potential ganks that will happen on your team/the opposing team. Generally, if your ADC is fed, they’ll be worth more gold than you are, so it’s honestly better to keep your ADC alive and die for them instead. Even as a tank support in lane like Leona, you must also pay attention to surroundings and your ADC, as well as the opposing lane. In team fights, healers have to pay attention to everyone still. Who needs the healing, who’s about to take some damage if you can shield them or not, any way that you can keep your team alive and healthy.Tank supports are/can be the initiators, which then you have to pay attention to see if your team is fit enough to fight in the next battle. 

I know that it sounds really easy. “Oh, you’re dying, let me heal you!” It’s not. In the middle of a team fight, it’s hard to pay attention to everyone and yourself and keeping them all alive as well. It’s very tedious too. 

Another thing. If you’re one of those people who says, “We need wards” and you expect the support to buy all of them, you’re sadly mistaken. Everyone can buy wards for their lanes during laning phase. Your inventory shouldn’t be full to the point where you can’t purchase any at all. Buy at least one when you back, it can save you from getting ganked. When laning phase is over, other people besides the supports can buy wards as well. With a ruby sightstone and another core support item that was built, your support may be working on another item to benefit your team/hinder the opposing team. They may not have enough money to buy wards, or enough to buy one. Help them out: they help you as best they can.

Like I said, supporting isn’t easy. It’s easy in concept, “heal everyone and stuff”. There’s other factors to supporting, keeping your whole team alive, when to use your spells and on whom, and all that junk. 

Oh, and last thing: supporting isn’t a gendered role. Everyone can play it. 

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